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Balkar Group Balkar Group Balkar Group Balkar Group Balkar Group

To create brands in Turkey, Middle East ,whole Africa and Far East markets until 2015, to be different from our competitors in all aspects, to follow trends, requirements of our market and technology closely and to produce better products all the time.



Balkar Group produces hygienic products by following the technology and considering the comfort of user to make the life of people easy and offers these products with the principle of high-quality, affordable prices.



Balkar Group took a sapling as a model. The aim is to grow fast and to be beneficial for the others. When the sapling grows and becomes a tree in time, it will be beneficial for the whole world.




Following long-term feasibility works, Contemporary and hygienic production facilities having high technology of BALKAR GROUP foundations of which were laid in the beginning of 2010 got ready in 2011.


BALKAR GROUP entering the sector with nappy and wet towel production fast aims to produce underpad and sanitary pad


BALKAR LTD is the company of BALKAR Group is strong owing to the long-year of experience and blends it with innovative, dynamic spirit.



Balkar Group Balkar Group Balkar Group Balkar Group

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